By combining REN Blocks, you can create your own interior designs. From a flexibly configurable plant cover and a mini-flowerbed for your veranda to a record shelf and a luxurious house for your dog, the possibilities for creation are infinite. Even you own dream house may be possible! REN Block’s unique texture, which is neither of wood nor of plastic, offers extraordinary experiences and introduces you to creative lifestyles. Because it uses natural materials, the texture is slightly different piece by piece. Each block is in a handy size that fits within the palm of your hand and is made of a safe material even for children to use. Three color variations are available, including black, brown, and beige.
REN Block is a unique brick-type block made with organic materials. By mixing 55–60% Japanese cedar cellulose with 40–45% binder resin, an originally wooden material is thermoplasticized, pelletized, and then injection molded in a brick from. To produce this block, any natural fibrous materials can be used, including tree barks, plain wood, or coffee and cacao beans. Because it can utilize organic waste materials such as forest thinnings, it can contribute to environmental protection, including CO2 emissions reduction and global warming prevention. In addition, since it is biodegradable, it contributes to waste reduction, too. It is a decorative block made by the state-of-the-art recycling technology

Creative direction 2011-2013
Concept making, Logo design, HP design, Product design, Grahpic design, Space design
Photograph: Tomoharu NISHIMURA


クリエイティブディレクション (2011-2013)
フォトグラファー: 西村智晴


Exhibition Tent London 2011

Exhibition AMBIENTE 2013

Exhibition DIN 2016

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